Even the smallest company can have a successful online CRM strategy with the following 5 points in mind

1. Identification

Find out who your customer is and learn as much as possible from them, there are useful methods on-line to do this like website registration and quick on –line surveys.

2. Individualisation

Tailor your approach to your customers needs by customisable web pages e.g. personal greeting and ability to change site according to their individual tastes.

3. Interaction

Learn more from your customer by continued interaction especially through social media platforms like Facebook and twitter, a cost effective method for building your own database to use in future marketing efforts and  further enhance your CRM.

4. Integration

Extend Customer Relations throughout all parts of your business, customers love feeling important and so do your employees. Your employees should be encouraged to interact with customers as often as possible to improve your long term CRM strategy.

5. Integrity

The most important aspects of CRM is quick response times,with automated e-mails and on time deliveries playing a big part in building trust with your customers.

Easy ways on engaging a customer is by simply having a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website to answer common questions and minimise time spent fielding nuisance calls.(Another cost effective CRM method)

Blogging is also a CRM must to get to know your customers, increase loyalty and even find new ones with interesting topics about your industry or your services.

Your website should be the first port of call for your on-line CRM Strategy and for this reason ensure the following:

  • Your Website is easy to navigate
  • The required information is readily available
  • The Information and catalogues are up to date
  • A clear call to action(CRM/marketing)
  • A search function on larger websites
  • Your contact details and address are clearly displayed (preferably on each page

CRM can be made simple, so get cracking with your company’s CRM planning today!