When a client approaches Shift Digital, it’s usually because they want to Increase their brand awareness with a complete marketing solution, Build a mobile Application to compliment their current online presence, Upgrade their current website to the latest technology and design to name a few. All in aid to better service their existing clients and generate more revenue.

As each of our client’s requests differ so do the solutions. However, projects created by our team follow a similar fundamental process to achieve the best solution using our Online Marketing Services.

You get to work closely with our team at various stages of your project and have the option of implementing the Strategies yourself, or, allow us to manage the crucial technical details that often makes a campaign successful


ResearchWe get to Really understand your Business, your Audience, your Goals and then make recommendations after we’ve completed your competitor and Industry research. Most Organizations already have huge amounts of data and customer insights without realizing it, our job is to interview your staff and extract the required information and package it into a targeted campaign strategy.


Now that we have gathered all the information and including your final brief, we started the scamping / mockup process. This stage helps us highlight and place elements correctly to create the best user experience possible. We tweaking and refine the product/website through-out the process to ensure all aspects are covered and well executed.


Good design SELLS! Your entire identity/ product design dictates whether your audience connects, trusts and supports your Brand, making the design process one of the foundations of your business success. This not only includes your corporate identity, but also how your Marketing message is designed to make an impact through Content and advertisings. We will help you lay the proper foundation for your brand and marketing success.


Even the best strategy can fail if not implemented correctly. We find that often a lack of communication, oversight, control and feedback are the main causes of Organizations (Big or Small) not reaching their desired outcome. At this stage the design is signed off and we get started on the implementation process (developing). All marketing and design work is done by our in-house team and depending on the scope of your project we collaborate with copywriters and developers to execute the best possible solution.

Launch & Market

Great design is nothing without a great marketing plan. So when the design and development is finalised, we build analytics into your project. This allows you to review your live campaigns and improve it on the fly, or use this data to create new products and services in future. You are now able to see exactly how your audience interacts with your Brand, and how your Marketing efforts impact your Online sales.

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